Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Vegas Vacation Beatdown #3: I'm Sure I'll Be Behind This Guy in a Car Soon

So we're walking in a tight area at a casino last week, and this dude is in front of me yakking away on his cell phone. He's got it tight against his head, and his right arm is holding the thing up. He must be blind in his left eye, because every time we tried to get around him, he bumps into me. He's killed off his peripheral vision on the right side and we'd just like to get around him. After the third try my patience is gone and am blam right past him. He gives me a dirty look, and I give him a "don't make me take my shoe off and smack you in the forehead with it right now, 'cause I'd do it" look right back. He was basically wandering aimlessly, and I fear how this dingus drives when he gets behind the wheel.

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