Friday, October 07, 2005

Earlier this week I was listening to the local television news, and our local police folks are starting a campaign to make people more aware of distracted driving. I'm all for it--I don't know how many soccer moms have drifted over in front of me while screaming at their kids and holding a conversation a cell phone in their bloated gas-guzzling SUV. If this helps them and they wake up (and I'm not holding my breath), great! However, the irony in all this is that they are going to be putting adverts up about the issue on city busses. Let me get this straight--to alert me to distracted driving, you're going to distract me with an advertisment about being distracted? Does anyone here have a clue? Is this thing on? I need to find the committee that didn't think this through and casually drive my Honda across their meeting table. When I get stopped, I'll simply say "oh, yeah, I read about that on the side of the downtown 101 bus!"