Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vegas Vacation Beatdown #2: Are you truly disabled?

I'm not going to pick on anyone for having a true physical challenge. I think as a society we've made pretty good progress towards providing accessibility to people who are unfortunate enough to have to exist with blindness, deafness or are stuck in a wheelchair. However we have people that are creating their own disabilities. You cannot, under all circumstances, convince me that every person riding on a motorized cart is disabled. There are plenty of obese people riding these things, and they were everywhere in Vegas. Have some of us slipped so far into the rut that we now need assistance to the buffet? My Lord, get off your rotund ass and WALK a little. It will do you some good. I realize that some people have a glandular issue and this isn't an easy fix for you, but giving up and riding around on a cart is only going to make it worse. Get off your butt and walk, before I get behind you and kick.

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