Monday, July 09, 2007

I've been away for the last half week due to a vacation, and thus haven't done updates, but now I'm back and the vacation has provided ample opportunity for beatdowns.

Vegas Vacation Beatdown #1: The "how long are you folks in town" bastards. Nearly every major casino in Las Vegas now has a division which sells timeshares. These people catch you walking by and nag you about giving you free tickets to a show and a dinner if you listen to their sales pitch. Fine, one time I can take this, but if you're in Vegas for 3-4 days you'll get this constantly. I lie repeatedly about how I'm leaving town in 8 hours and don't have time to meet with them, but the constant barrage of this sales tactic is worse than a trip to the back end of a Best Buy on a slow afternoon. LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE. These insufferable wastoids need a swift kick in the shins.

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