Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Heaven help you if you wander into Best Buy or Circuit City on a slow day. I frequently like to pop into these places so I can see the latest tech gear, then I buy it online when I get home *evil grin*. Last week I happened to be in Best Buy on a Friday afternoon and I think each and every single person working there came over and asked me if I needed help. "No, just browsing, seriously." I got a little miffed when I got to number 9 (wish I was kidding) and told him he was the 9th person to stalk me like I was his ex-girlfriend who broke up with him she caught him with her best friend. I walked another 30 feet past him when number 10 piped up, and I just grunted and moved on. "No, sir, I made it all the way to the back past the sea of blue polo shirts and not a single solitary person decided to ask me to help." Yeah, right. Let's be real here. I'm thinking of some sort of Lemmings beatdown, where each of these brainless wonks steps over the edge into oblivion.