Wednesday, May 24, 2006

People are lazy. Myself included, but when it's clearly breaking the rules, it's got to stop. Case in point, yesterday I head to one of the nearby city parks. I typically go inline skating from a park, because our townhouse development is landlocked - I can't get out of our smallish development because there's no sidewalks leaving it. So I pull in the the big lot at the park where there's a ton of people there starting up their kids in gradeschool soccer. That's cool, boy is into soccer and actually at a different park starting his first practice. The parking lot is huge--Wal-mart huge. But for some stupid reason, the front of it has the lanes completely blocked, because a bunch of slug-slow open-mouth-breather idiots parked on the near end, blocking the traffic lane. I get halfway down the parking lot, and it's wide open. These bastards were too lazy to walk the 75 or so feet from where the parking spots were naturally open, and annexed the front-end of the lot to their lazy needs. Each one of these people needs to be drug, by their heals no less, behind their fat-ass SUVs and minivans back to the open spots. How frickin' hard is it to walk 75 feet?