Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This weekend I saunter into the men's room at the local bar and belly up to the urinal. The guy next to me is pulling out his Blackberry. It's commonplace now to see people talking on phones while in the rest room, so I don't violate the "eyes forward" rule that governs all male bathroom visitations. Out of the corner of my eye I notice however that Dude is starting to type into his Blackberry with one hand. The other hand is umm...occupied obviously. He seems a little frustrated. Then, without missing a beat, his second hand comes up to use the Blackberry. Yep, the vehicle is running down the road there are no hands on the steering wheel, ladies and gentlemen. He pokes away at the Blackberry (the BLACKBERRY...shame on you), clicks send, pockets the device, flushes and departs. Why wash hands when every germ in your midsection is now on your phone? Nice. Hope he doesn't lend that to someone. He definitely deserves a little ol' beatdown action. With latex gloves, for health's sake.

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