Monday, June 25, 2007

So my parents decide to buy a new car. They are visiting from out-of-state and the local car dealerships here do more volume and thus produce better prices compared to where they are from. Dad and I head down to the dealership, and take in the new vehicle. The test drive, the moronic salesman , etc. My dad is clear from the first moment that he's the buyer, I'm just spending some time with him. No purchase is made on the first visit, and Dad and I start to drive away from the dealership. Suddenly the salesman comes running out and knocks on passenger window where I'm at. Dad stops the vehicle and I roll down the window.
"Can I get your phone number?" the salesman asks. I look at Dad.
"No, YOUR number" as the salesman looks at me.
"Umm, you're dealing with him...I'm not car shopping," I reply.
Dad says "Just call me."
Salesman looks at me and says "Just in case."
"In case what."
"Well, I'm not gonna CALL you," he says.
"Then you don't need my phone number." I reply, with a very implied YOU DUMBASS at the end of the sentence. Dingus. I should have gotten out and smacked the taste out of his mouth.

Postscript: Dad DID buy the car, not from this salesman but from the sales manager. We sincerely hope we've created stress in determining who gets the commission.

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