Thursday, February 02, 2006

If I was ever granted three wishes, and was allowed to wish for a million more wishes as one of my original three wishes, I'd use one up granting myself the ability to poke someone in the ear through the telephone. Case in point, I have a Microsoft stalker, someone at the big software company who calls my phone several times trying to coax me into repurchasing low-value maintenance on some of my software. The first words of my voicemail at work are "Hi, you've reach vo. I'm not available, if you would send me an e-mail at blah blah blah." Yet salespeople don't pay attention to this simple request. I loath the telephone and it's interruptive qualities. This salesperson has not grasped my simple request for an e-mail so I can reply, when I have time, and say that I'm not spending right now. That's worth a sharp stick in the ear. However, this is the same person I did tell on a return call 45 days ago that I'm not renewing any maintenance, thank you and go away, yet she calls with the same methodology, and then has the arrogance to say it's "unfortunate we haven't spoken." I HATE PHONE SALESPEOPLE. I hate you, and I'd like you to choke on your own lunch and your parents to be slapped relentlessly for procreating your existing onto this earth. Leave me the hell alone.