Friday, November 25, 2005

Ah, "Black Friday." This really should be called "Moron Friday." And today, we get to turn everything up a notch since the Twin Cities got a bunch of snow. And we have a theme, it's called "backing up without looking." I'm in a store, an idiot backs up with his cart and hits me. If I get an "excuse me," it's forgivable. In this case, nope. 10 minutes later, the exact same lugnut does the same thing! I'm in another aisle, walking behind him, and he stops, and just reverses for no good reason. I turn as he's walking away and loudly proclaim "an 'excuse me' would be polite you know." He bumbles on. Dumbass. Then I get people starting to back their SUV into me in a parking lot. I'm not just sitting there hawking on an open spot, but as I drive carefully down the aisle, this sloth-of-a-woman starts backing up without looking. C'mon people, you all deserve a tire iron to the head!