Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I think once most people pass the plane of entry on a parking lot, their I.Q. drops by about 35 points. Nothing is more irritating than the "hawking parker." I'm talking about the jackass that sees you walking to your car, follows and waits for you to leave the spot so he or she can claim it. This tomfool will go ahead and block traffic for this (leaving lots of other people fuming in line behind him in a lane with no place to go). Whenever I am being hawked upon by one of these cement-heads, I usually just taunt the heck out of them. I hide that I know they are there, carrying on a long conversation with whomever is with me and act oblivious to the hawker's presence. If I'm alone, I whip out the cell phone and make a call (or fake a call). They sit there, and if I can get them to get visibly angry, all the better. I'll even go so far as to put the car in reverse, get the rear backup lights on, then put the car in park, and then go back into the store. *evil laugh* So, to any "hawking parker," I give to you a bitter pill for your impatience, massive irritation, and a beatdown. Take your lazy ass over to the next lane and park already. Odds are good you need to walk some more for health anyhow. - Official LucasArts Store