Tuesday, June 17, 2008

JQ nails this one on the head:

I bought a Motorola W375 cell phone the other day. Neat little unit, just love it. One of its best features is it can recharge via USB connection to a PC. Fantastic, no more having to lug a power adapter to work and everywhere. That is, until I read the bad news. You need to install a special driver on Windows before the phone can recharge via USB -- even though the PC recognizes the phone as a memory device without it. So you can't just take it to any PC to recharge, you have to install the driver first. Fortunately the driver is offered on Motorola's website... but it doesn't install. It's broken. Result: I can't recharge my phone via USB at all. Kudos to Motorola for taking the most convenient feature ever and rendering it completely useless, and they deserve to have their heads shoved in a microwave.

Vo adds:

Hmm, remember when the RAZR was the shizzle? Now Motorola = what? A financial beat down appears to be in the works (fair disclosure, I USED to be a MOT stockholder).