Friday, June 15, 2007

Let's analyze some automotive stupidity soup. Let's take a pickup truck, a long one with extended cab, oversized wheels (yeah mileage!) and of course big noisy exhaust pipes. Red is the color certainly. Now, let's mix in a poop-for-brains person on a cell phone. Oh, that's looking nice. Now, we've got a busy road, two lanes in each direction, full of cars. Mmmm..tasty. Now the ultimate flavor booster, a left turn by said cell-phone-woman-in-the-truck. And...wait for it...yeah! She's pulling out! All the traffic is stopping. She's...waiting in the middle of the road for cars to pass. Ladies and gentlemen, we've got stopped traffic in 2 directions now, yes, I can see it, she's got about 40 cars slowing down, now 50. She's just sitting there--like her brain is frozen in time! Okay, now we just need...YES! There it is....the dirty look. A DIRTY LOOK! The crowd goes wild. It's like a score by the Argentinian soccer team in the World Cup Finals! She has the audacity to give me the dirty look for not yielding to her as she tries to nudge into my lane while I have the right of way! Oh Lord, call the chef, because this is TAY-STEEE! Now, if I could just get out my giant soup ladle and snap her across the knuckles for a while, this would be just dandy!