Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lunchtime. JRod and I are having food at the local family-style Italian place. Great food, great service. The busboy appears to be Honduran or from some other Central American country. He's busting his butt, running over extra bread and quickly taking extra plates off the table. He's very courteous, but his English isn't good. He stops by the Asswipes at the next table and asks if they need any water, and they reply they just ordered drinks. He doesn't quite understand, and the Asswipes start giving him a hard time, laughing at him and making fun of him as he leaves the table. Each and every one of the Asswipes deserves a "stand up on the table cover them with a 'say hello to my little friend' spray of bullets organized crime Valentines day massacre" beatdown. Cocky rotten-egg rat bastards. The busboy dude was busting his hump, and to hell with a minor language difference. God bless him, and spit on the jerks at the other table.