Sunday, February 19, 2006

I swear there must be a demon following me when it comes to restaraunts. Saturday afternoon wifey, boy and myself head to Olive Garden. It's very cold outside, like 4 degrees fahrenheit after the overnight low was like minus twelve. We stop into the 'Garden and the Ukrainian/Russian hostess tells us "it vill be yust a minute" and motions to the bar area right off the front door as the busboy clears a table. It's super cold right near the front door, and the bar is really noisy because the walls, floor and ceiling are all hard stone. I ask nicely (really!) "can we sit in the dining room?," which translates into "hi, I'm a paying customer and I will be sitting in the dining room." She says, curtly, "no." Taken aback, I say "we can't sit in the dining room?" She says again, "no." I say "why?" and she gives me some bullsquat excuse about only tables for two. I look at her and say "that's fine, we can take our business elsewhere" and take wifey, boy and myself over to California Pizza Kitchen. I seem to just flat out find these idiots at eating establishments. This idiot hostess deserves to be choked with a big pile of pasta and a single 2 lb. meatball.