Monday, January 30, 2006

I must be on some sort of record pathway to getting dumb waitstaff, because here's another one: Saturday wifey and I are at the local Thai eatery, and our waiter was obviously new and mentally challenged. Besides completely forgetting our appetizer (a mistake worthy of capital punishment, IMHO), he pulled a stunt I've not seen ever. He's dropping off drinks at the table next to us, and pulls an empty glass from the other party's table, and sets it on our table, then leaves! What the .. ? Eventually he takes it, but I truly believe the grey matter between his earwax didn't realize it wasn't a glass from wifey or myself. I left a miniscule tip. I hope this numbskull chooses a different career path (or lays of the marijuana prior to working, if THAT is his excuse). I truly believe this dimple needs a beatdown.