Saturday, November 12, 2005

It's that time of the year in the midwest where the temperatures are changing. It's getting cold and people aren't quite ready for it. That's not en excuse to be rude, however. Last night, boy was off on a visit so it was just wifey and me, so we went to the local family-owned Mexican eatery for dinner. It's one of those places in a strip mall, and there's not a lot of room to stand inside. It's got double doors, so there's the little "no man's land" in between those where people end up standing waiting for a table, because there really isn't a waiting area otherwise. Inevitably, some lugnut of a loser decided that he needed to hold the door open on the outside, while another member of his party held open the door on the inside, thereby letting a huge wind waft through, freezing everyone in the first few rows of the restaurant. Nice. This entire party of "we eat paste kind of special" doorknobs were all wearing jackets, so they stayed cold, but everyone else who had the misfortune of being there and seated already got a cold blast while they were trying to dine. The appropriate beatdown for this rudeness is a repeated smashing of these idiots' fingers in the door, then a big chunk of ice dropped down their backs to complete the temperature-appropriate payback.