Monday, November 14, 2005

Damn drug addicts - if you use crystal meth, I hate your guts more than ever. Here's my train of though: Minnesota recently passed a law that puts all drugs with pseudoephedrin behind the counter. If you stop into a Walgreens, for example, you'll see a bunch of tags in the place of the old boxes, and you take the tag to the counter of the pharmacist (not the front checkouts) and ask for your Sudafed. This is to curb the scum-of-the-earth meth-heads purchasing tons of the stuff and cooking it up for their stupid high. Saturday night, wifey and I were trying out a new Cajun restaurant in the city, this turned out to be a horrible decision. Wifey is allergic to shellfish, and apparently her white fish sandwich she ordered got cooked near or with some fried shrimp, and she started to have an allergic reaction. The easiest antidote is to get an antihistamine, so we rushed to a Wallgreens, only to discover that we couldn't buy any pseudoephedrine-based products because there were locked up and it was after hours. Fortunately we found an antihistamine that couldn't be cooked up into an illegal drug, so disaster was averted. If you use meth, you deserve a beatdown. If you cook over-the-counter drugs into meth, you deserve me to personally beat you senseless with any blunt instrument I can get my hands on.

Yes, we're keeping a couple of Sudafed in the car now.