Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I hate country music. HATE it. Like Osama bin Laden HATE it. But if it's what you're into, fine, just keep it out of my yard. However, I really get worked up when country music tries to incorporate other things or tries to mimic other popular culture. Big & Rich, using a rapper? Insane. Misguided. Retarded even. But Mad Catz, makers of accessories for video game consoles--these here crazy city slicker boys have gone over the edge with an upcoming video game title tenatively called Country Dance Craze That's right, folks, we've got Dance Dance Revolution for the boot scootin' boogie masses. ARGH! Whomever came up with this idea deserves to be smothered in the double-wide dance pad this thing will require (the irony of this thing being double-wide is not lost on me). I hope this creates tons of kicked in television sets when the boots start flying in the living rooms of the few people confused enough to buy this thing.