Sunday, October 02, 2005

Today on beatdown I'm coining a new term, "roadspam." This weekend, all over my entire home town, appeared these roadside signs with nothing on them but "FindGodIn[Mytown].com". They were everywhere. Then on Saturday a small sign was hanging on my door with the same phrase. I have absolutely no problems with your religious beliefs, so long as they don't involve sacrificing my children on an altar of blood AND you don't shove them in my face. The thorough arrogance that some people have to utterly wallpaper my town with this garbage is maddening. I don't think that it's reasonable to put these on every corner of the city like a presidential campaign. God is not running for the board of education. It's litter, plain and simple. It's unnecessarily distracting, and the people who decided that this was a wise idea to push their agenda should have these signs rectally placed with a size 14 army surplus boot.