Saturday, October 01, 2005

The absurdities that come from the mouth of people sometimes are just plain astounding. Take for example the following, taken from the Taxpayer's League of Minnesota web site. In the Twin Cities area, there's much debate lately about sports teams and stadiums. In Blaine, MN, a northern suburb of Minneapolis, there exists a proposed site for a new Minnesota Vikings stadium (NFL professional football, for those of you not in the know). The new Vikings owner, Zygi Wilf, made the following comment during a luncheon in Blaine last week.

"Professional football players have a relatively short period of time in the NFL…we need to make the players feel at home during their careers."

The Taxpayers League did the math for this, I'll recreate it here.
Average NFL annual salary: $1,260,000
Average household annual salaray in Anoka County (which Blaine resides in): $56,279.

That means the average person who lives in that city would have to work over 22 years to make what the average NFL player makes. We really should pamper these overpayed idiots that generally do nothing but get in trouble when not on the field. Yeah, right. And Zygi? He's so freakin out of touch I think the appropriate beatdown for him would be to drop $1,260,000 in quarters on his hands and feet until he gets the point. Mr. Wilf, I suggest you live down here at the average wages with the rest of us when you think the NFL diaper patrol needs any more coddling--what's next, breastfeeding? "Whadda maroooon", as Mr. Bugs Bunny would say.