Monday, September 19, 2005

This past weekend wifey visited her mom. Wifey's mom lives in an 80's styled townhome where several units are connected with side-by-side garages, with a rather large lot in front of the garage doors. While visiting there, wifey parked her car in front of the garage while visiting. Apparently, this is a verboten activity, and the next door gestapo busy-body old biddy didn't like it, and she left a nasty-gram on wifey's car telling her there's no parking in this lot. Wifey rolled her eyes and left when she read the note. We were back visiting wifey's mom again the a couple days later, and gestapo biddy's boyfriend's car was parked in front of her garage. What a cranky old worthless pile of hypocracy she is--it apparently bothered her that wifey parked in the lot, which didn't do anything to block her garage at all, but when her boink-partner is over, it's a-okay. Gestapo biddy deserves a beatdown.