Sunday, September 18, 2005

Yesterday I wrote about my poor experience with OfficeCraps, specifically the lack of any audible feedback when waiting on hold with their customer support line. This reminded me of earlier this week when I had to call in on another customer support line. This line had music, or at least what I presumed to be music, playing. The reason for my confusion was due to the super loud distortion in the line I was hearing. It was like someone had taken a band of monkeys and ran them through an A.M. radio, miked that through a Marshall stack, and picked it up again with a $7 boom microphone on a early 90's Gateway laptop. It was horrible, and it blasted at me for about 4 minutes until the rep picked up. I believe sweet revenge is in order for whomever is responsible for this, in the form of a giant stack of U2 sized stadium amps and speakers, cranked up with the revenge of Lawrence Welk and his intense form of polka madness. If you remember the old Maxell ads with the guy sitting in the chair and the speaker blowing everything away, you just about have it. Just imagine the screeching noise that would make an American Legion full of patrons happy, yet make everyone else lose their lunch, and the picture in your mind will be complete.