Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It's the express lane. It clearly states "15 items or less." I won't split hairs if it's 16, or 17. But this lady clearly has about 30 things in her cart. And I'm standing behind her with 6. The POINT of the express lane, washout woman, is that it's for small purchases so you can work in an faster fashion. I'd like to take her zuchini from her cart and pummel her with it, counting out loud until I get to fifteen (FIFTEEN! AHAHAHAHAHAHA), and then really lay into the beatdown on SIXTEEEEEN, SEVENTEEEN, EIGHTEEEEEEEN...... Inadequate dolt of protoplasm--perhaps she is numerically and mathmatically challenged? I care not. Don't smile at me, Mr. Checkout guy...once I'm done beating her you're next for not saying anything.