Sunday, September 11, 2005

So I get this single page letter from one of my credit card companies. The letter has a bunch of stuff on the front page that indicates that they are taking extraordinary steps to prevent online fraudulent use of my card. Nice. Except that there's a chunk of text that reads:

**Important Notice**
Please review important changes to your credit card account - see the reverse side of this letter.

Okay, I flip the page over, and the real reason for the letter is to inform me that rates for late payment, overpayment, missing a payment will now go through the roof. This is the real reason for the letter, and it's a scheming underhanded cheap way to deliver this message by candy-coating it with all the front page fluff about how wonderful they are when it comes to fraud (and why is it my fault if you jackasses cannot develop a system to make credit cards secure on the internet?). Let me tell ya, when I'm about to get man handled worse than a visit from Bubba in a prison cell with insane rates, I don't like it attempted to be snuck past me with frosting on it. The whole POINT of this letter was to get them off the legal hook, so in the future if my payment is 4.2 minutes late and they charge me $39 and I say "whaaaa?" they can say "well, clearly Mr. Vo we sent out a letter informing you of the changes." What a bunch of shady rat bastages. Send me a clear letter, in full sized print, thank you very much. This lowlife attempt is catty at best, and although legal is far from morally right. I believe the entire banking industry deserves to have their entrails removed forcibly by route of their mouth for this sinister stealth delivery of this type of information.