Saturday, September 10, 2005

I drink bottled water. Many could argue that bottled water is pointless, and that many city water supplies are more clean than some bottled water. I don't drink it for the "fashion" of it or any particular vanity. I drink a specific brand of bottled water, Evian. I like the taste. And, if it helps me drink that "8 glasses a day" I'm supposed to, I argue that it's okay. Others spend money on pop, I buy this water. Having said all that, I've been drinking Evian for years. Today, whilst hoisting a bottle to my lips at an outdoor event, I had someone turn to me and say "you know, Evian spelled backwards is 'naive'."

Gosh, that guy was sure clever.

In all my years of consuming Evian, I've heard this like about six THOUSAND times, and it's not a demonstration of any particular insight or intelligence that this rumple-dumb-kin was able to conjure up at this point of genius in his existence. I smiled and lightly said "yes, I've heard that" all while imagining him drowing in a pool of cool, clean, refreshing Evian.