Friday, September 09, 2005

Bad customer service: At my job in information technology, we have a membership to a program with Dell called Warranty Parts Direct. This is a program where you pay to get past level I support (provided you qualify as an individual and as an organization) and can avoid stupid questions like "is there a green light on the back" when a hard drive crashes. Today my tech J. was calling in on a dead flat panel that was under warranty. When he called, he got a message that "currently everyone is in an all-company meeting and no one can take your call--try again later." What-the-heck is that all about? Is all of Dell in an all company meeting? All of the Warranty Parts Direct department? Talk about customer insensitivity (this was the middle of a business day). Dell's customer service has taken a ding in the press, and here's yet another reason why. This pay service is unavailable at a reasonable time. What manager approved this poppycock display of ineptitude? Let's all go for ice cream! The customers? Oh, they'll mung about until we get back. I want to find the arrogant bastard that approves this sort of business service and see what tone a garden shovel makes when it meets his head.