Sunday, August 07, 2005

Where are the manners these days? Today boy, wifey, and a friend were attending a large outdoor art festival--you know, one of those events where they close off several city blocks for the various artisans to pimp their wares in small tents. Generally these are pretty fun once you dig through the redundancies and find the true gems. Anyway, as we're just getting started boy and I round a corner, and this rotund, hairy, sweaty "Mario and Luigi" looking dingus is walking his kid towards us, and he blasts a 2.4 gallon sneeze on me and boy. He made no effort whatsoever to cover his sneeze, and his hands weren't full of anything--he just ejected all over us. I gave him a dirty look, then commented out loud to anyone who could hear "apparently covering your mouth is too difficult these days," and was met with a cheery agreement from the women behind Mr. Greaso-Sneazo. The beatdown I envision for this slob is me feigning a big "aaaaahhhh...choooooo" and then using a firehose to coincide with the "choo" portion of my fake sneeze, blasting it in his face several times until he screams in horror and promises to work on common public manners. What a doofus.