Saturday, August 06, 2005

Fashion in automobiles is always interesting, especially when the little guy tries to keep up with the dollars of more heavily financed people. Take for example, the spinner wheels. These big expensive bling-blings have a portion of the wheel that keeps spinning on a nicely balanced bearing long after the wheels and vehicle have stopped. Now enter the poser, the wannabe, the very little man in a very big truck. It's too much for him to deal with being inadequate, but he's not got the bankroll to keep up with the $2000 per wheel investment. What to do? Oh, for a measly $200 (or less), you can get the hookup with spinner hubcaps. Yes, you can get all the bling for less cha-ching! Except this is sacrilege. If you cannot afford to play with the big boys, stay on the sidelines. Anyone who places this travesty of automotive style on his ride deserves a beatdown.