Monday, August 08, 2005

Here's another one I've pulled out submitted to me by Gary:

"The “I have a big SUV, so I don’t have to follow the rules” soccer mom:
Don’t even get me started on this special brand of privileged people who think that parking, driving, merging into traffic etc. is something that simply doesn’t apply to them, because, after all, they have an oversized, overpriced tank that automatically gives them special rights over the rest of us. Just look at which vehicles end up in the ditch when it snows - that’s right, the SUV, 4WD blessed ones. I can’t even think of the type of beatdown they deserve."

I gotta add to this what happened at our townhouse last night. My neighbor (the guy with the dog that blesses our lawn on a daily basis) has his girlfriend over last night. They have matching GMC Denali SUV's (how quaint). Last night at 10:30, his girlfriend HIT our townhouse. Fortunately it's brick, but the whole place went "boom!" when she connected.

I'd bet she was on a cellphone...