Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Bureaucracy kills brain cells--it's the only explanation I have for this one. Instead of going to the root of the problem, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles is attacking the perception of the problem. As noted in the Indianapolis Star online newspaper site, the idiots at the Indiana BMV are removing the clocks from the license branches. "Without clocks to watch, people standing in long lines supposedly won't be able to complain about just how long they've been waiting." This is off the edge just plain ludicrous. The numbnut at the top of the government heap that approved this "idea" seems to think people are stupid, and that they won't somehow realize that time is passing? They won't realize that a LOT of time has passed while they've stood in line to take some abuse from an underpaid person at the counter who hates his job as much as he hates you? This is absolutely absurd. Why not, oh I don't know, do something to speed the lines up like adding people or improving processes? I mean, this isn't Las Vegas--it's not like someone is going to be sitting there betting blackjack and losing track of time due to the sheer entertainment that one can ONLY get at a motor vehicle office. Maybe if they added complimentary drinks for waiting for a while, sure, that might work. The disconnected mongrel who came up with this gem of ingenuity deserves a whack in the head, after which inspection will be necessary to see if the dynamic adjustment actually started up the previously dormant areas of his brain.