Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sony gets spanked! Per my post a while back about Hollywood's movie "reviews", I ranted a bit about how there's always some numbnut from a tiny newspaper somewhere who says the movie is excellent. However, it turns out Hollywood (and Sony specifically) made someone up completely! Today the class action suit against Sony was settled out of court. This case centered around a very positive fellow by the name of David Manning who always seemed to say wonderful things about Sony/Columbia films. The problem, however, is that Sony was pulling a Pinocchio and this David Manning person was made up. Sony of course admits no fault, but if you can prove you've seen a movie or two where Mr. Manning raved, you can get $5 back (DVD rentals apparently not included). Sony deserves a beatdown, and the marketing exec who came up with this billiance should be frozen in ice and put on display.