Sunday, July 10, 2005

"Larry Johnson from the Insignificant Daily News's the best movie you'll see with your eyes shut," "Alice Smith from the Tiny Town You've Never Heard of Gazette's a laugh a minute and the best action yet this year for a movie starring two midgets and a broomstick..." C'mon, Hollywood, we are not as daft as you think we are. I've grown very tired of all these print and TV ads for movies. Oh dear Hollywood, how you dig through tons of reviews to find that one odd one where someone gave you a good review. I doubt that some of these positive reviews are from people who even watched more than the trailer. In an effort to create buzz, Hollywood is creating a line of faudulent overhyped duplicitous crap that most of us take as pure hyperbole (i.e. exagerated statements not to be taken literally). We're not stupid, Hollywood, you underestimate us, and you deserve a Herclean public clobbering.