Saturday, July 09, 2005

Going back to my college days, I remember a day where my roommate (otherwise a great dude) really deserved a beatdown. He typically got up to go to class before me (early riser, a beatdown in and of itself). One day in his early preparations for the day, he consumed the very last piece of toilet paper in the bathroom. I wake up, he's already gone. I groggily meander into the bathroom, cop a squat, and begin my morning duties. Consequently I grab for the paper to complete the final stage. Zero, zip, nada. Nothing. Just a cardboard tube with not so much as a sheet. Backup plan of tissues in the box on top of the toilet? Also running in the null category. I was torn between sacrificing a sock or using his towel. Although he found this humorous as I relayed the info to him later in the day, I was at a point where I had to make a decision. Since he deserved the beatdown, the towel was the victim.

If you ever eliminate all the wiping tools in a bathroom and never tell the next person (a note would have been nice), you deserve your personal belongings to be fair game, and of course a beatdown.