Wednesday, August 03, 2005

At the previously mentioned outdoor festival the other day wifey and I were standing inline for our overpriced beer. The dude behind us had absolutely no concept of personal space. He was standing behind us so closely to wifey that she began to get uncomfortable. I inserted myself between her and this guy, and he then proceeded to stand so close to me that I turned it into a game of "let's act drunk and continuously sway backwards into the ass-clown." It was fun and went on for about 10 minutes as I kept slowly rocking forrrrrrwards, then baaaaaaackwards, nudging him ever so slightly in the process. Eventually he got the hint (or heaven forbid, may have thought I was invading HIS space, even though when I stepped forward he stepped forward as if I was his horse.) Anyone who has no concept of giving the person in line in front of them a little space deserves to be folded 3 times and inserted into the trunk of a 1992 Ford Festiva, then driven around on bumpy roads after being fed 12 Miller Lites.

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