Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The following is from Tani, in discussion of his recent attempt at upgrading his DSL Qwest internet line. This is their "spirit of service" in action, which on a Venn diagram is intersected with a HUGE circle of idiocy:

Quote Tani:
This next conversation will haunt my dreams:
"I see you're calling in from 555-122-2213. What is the phone number of the dsl line in question?"
"Is this a good number to contact you with?"
"Have you checked the phone line to see if you can dial out?"
"Yes. I am quite certain that the 555-122-2213 phone line works"
"Are you certain?"
"Yes. It's the number I'm calling you on right now."
"I can't seem to connect to your router."
"Yes, I know. This is why I'm calling."

The above is enough to turn any jedi into a dark jedi. I am bereft of words.

EndQuote Tani.

Vo says: I believe Tani should be temporarily granted the ability to dematerialize himself so that his arm could reach through the phone line and choke the last breath from the representative at the other end of the line.