Sunday, August 28, 2005

NFL Preseason game beatdown #2: When we get to our seats in the stadium (not great seats, the elevation was so high my ears popped), there's somebody sitting in our seats. Fortunately right next to them there's a bunch of open seats, so we just meander past this family and sit down next to them. As I'm sitting, junior (who appears to be about 7 or 8 years old) turns to me and says "hey, my mom was sitting there." I respect him for standing up for his mom, but intellect and being correct is on my side. I whip out my ticket and point out "well, your dad is sitting in my seat, as my ticket clearly indicates." The boy turns to dad, I show dad my ticket, and comment that I really don't care unless the people who have the seats we're in show up and are upset about it. By the end of the first quarter, "dad" apparently learns to read and the whole family gets up and leaves. Dude, if you can't figure out where your seat is, don't be the first to assume someone else is wrong without checking yourself first. I got plenty of dirty looks from these people, then they finally realized they were probably in the wrong section, and most certainly were in need of a flogging with a pile of NFL game tickets.