Monday, August 29, 2005

NFL Preseason game beatdown #3: A variation of the airplane child kicking my seat is the sporting event child kicking my seat. While we were at the game Friday this couple behind us had a six year old who repeatedly just sat there like a scratched needle on a record kicking the back of my seat. I don't blame the child so much as the parents who just sat there like cows crapping down the back of their own bodies chewing their cuds. Eventually, I turned and stared at the child and one of the adults with a look of dead seriousness, a cold "I could kill you with my fingernails and ball-point pen" glare, and finally the father got the hint and stopped the child. I should be able to do the Joe Pesci "pen in the neck" move from the movie Casino if a parent doesn't pay attention to the rudeness its child is inflicting upon others.