Saturday, August 27, 2005

A grand grasp of the obvious: Friday night wifey, myself and two friends are on our way to the NFL preseason game. We're about four blocks short of the stadium and walking across the street. There's a family of people in front of us, all wearing our local team's jersey. Behind us is another family, all wearing the local jersey as well. The family behind us notices they know the family in front of us, and the apparent father figure of the group yells out to "Dave", the apprent father figure of the other group. Dave turns around, and in a fit of pure intellect and grasp of the situation says "hey, whacchup up to?" Umm, maybe, just maybe, along with the other thousand people all walking towards the stadium, like yourself, they perhaps are going to an NFL preseason game? Well, duh. This one is a beatdown (the fun dumb wet cold hand slap across the face kind), and I'm channeling comedian Bill Engvall when I say "here's your sign."