Monday, June 13, 2005

I'm buying a 12 pack of Diet Sprite, some laundry detergent, and some AA batteries. Why, yes, I'd just LOVE to sign up for the Target credit card and save 10%. I'm an idiot, you know. I completely lack the synaptic functions to do simple mathmatics. Ten percent! My goodness, that should easily save me millions, no trillions today. I HATE the stupid "sign up today and save" blah blah blah song-and-dance. Now listen, you twit: Make your quota on someone else, you insufferable excuse for collective cell proto-plasm--you dig? I passed the third grade, the fourth grade, and my-oh-my I actually finished engineering school and can compute 3rd order differential equations (you know, for fun). I think it's probably within my ability to realize that you pimping me the stupid Visa card is going to save me about $1.25 today, and then I'm going to have another card to track of and deal with. The person I'd really like to beatdown is the marketing moron behind this, who makes this twerp meet quota on a daily basis. Forced marketing, I've got a forceful left foot I'd like you to meet.