Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'm an avid inline skater (or, actually, more avid in the summer than the winter, it's kinda hard getting through Minnesota snowbanks in skates). This means lots of times on the trails, and often sharing the trails with others. I'm courteous--I move a lot faster and can do a lot more damage than someone walking. However, the uncourteous bastard I had to sneak around last week gets notable mention here. This guy, out for his "health walk" was snaggin' back the most STANKY cigar I've ever had the misfortune to roll upon. There's nothing like reconnecting with nature with the sweet pungent aroma that old sweat sock, ginger, ozone, and obese pit-sweat smelling cigar can do for you. I'd love to pull over and shove that thing down your throat, Mr. Healthy. Perhaps the taste would have a prolonged benefit by becoming part of you.