Sunday, June 12, 2005

People's needs to customize their ride is always a source of a good beatdown. Case in point: Friday after work I was on my way back home when I turned to corner to find a heavily customized Saturn. Now, I drive a Civic, so I'm not exactly the purveyor of the greatest system on 4 wheels, but this Saturn proudly displayed, in great stick-on characters, that it was a Type R Saturn. Hysterical! A Type R---like the rare Civic in Japan? Indeed, this owner had probably arranged for the massive customization (which consisted of cut springs and a phat (tm) tail pipe) by getting his Saturn boxed up and shipped to Japan to the "Type R" factory, where top "Type R" engineers, trained in all that is customization and performance, painstakenly applied this "Type R" sticker (as seen on the rack at Sam Goody!), then proceeded to dyno this vehicle after applying the phat tail pipe extender that produced the larger output. I mean, the performance from this must be astounding! And not to mention, the ladies must be running full speed to jump into the car's window and throw themselves at the top dawg driving this piece o' engineering! Please, people, let's apply a little taste here, and not put things together that never belong. I'm wondering if I can get a "Type R" beatdown stick somewhere?

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