Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm a parent, so I know it's tough at times to keep tabs on your kid. But when your kid is right in front of you doing something that puts her in jeopardy, you need to wake up. Case in point, yesterday JRod and I were lunching at ye Olive Garden. We were sitting at a table next to a table with two adults and one kid. I'd put her age at about 4, possibly 5. She was a little hyper, and decided to stand up on the chair she was sitting on. Then while standing she starts bumping the chair back of the chair she's standing on repeatedly with her backside. Momentum being what it is (ah the laws of physics) it was pretty obvious she was about to---WHAM, down the chair goes, ass over teakettle. The kid takes a pretty hard spill on the floor and wails for about 5 minutes. The kid was standing on this chair for a good 3 minutes right in front of her (presumed) mom. This mom deserves a beatdown. Why not just get your kid to take herself out of harms way. Now I had to endure 5 minutes of this child screaming in pain (thank goodness she didn't break anything).