Saturday, August 30, 2008

Check out this reason for birth control (and my apologies if you can't get the video to show up, it's not as clean as YouTube).

So, here was have some absolute moron who missed his or her exit. So, this person decides to back up on a LONG freeway, eventually smacking the road barrier, then traveling upstream like a retarded salmon into oncoming traffic. Eventually this doesn't end well, and the clip finishes with a long pan back of traffic backed up for miles.

This moron deserves a recreation of the scene from the movie Airplane! where the hysterical women is being slapped in the face to get her to come back to reality. This is the scene where there's a long line of people waiting for their turn at the slap, and as they get further in the line of people you see folks with medieval torture devices, etc. EVERY single person in that traffic backup deserves a shot at that drivers knees, face or groin. Accidents happen due to bad judgement calls all the time on America's highway system, but such a stupid move deserves capital punishment.