Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Crapping in your own backyard #1: As told to me by Mr. Wizard and VarQ in person last week, Wiz is in a carpool. Last week a flake in his carpool told everyone that she "may or may not be riding home that day," due to her parents being in town and possibly picking her up. Late day comes around, and everyone wants to go home. Ms. Flake is nowhere to be seen. After digging around, Wiz's carpool crew finally gets a call into Ms. Flake's office, and is told by a coworker "oh, yeah, her parents did show up and she left." If you're the flake who doesn't communicate to others because of your center-of-the-universe complex, I wish upon you justice. In February. In the midwest. When it's cold and the carpool left without you.

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