Friday, June 29, 2007

Lunchtime and we're off to the buritto joint. The woman in front of me steps up to the fountain machine. She puts ice in her cup. She dumps some out. She adds ice. She puts some diet soda in her cup. She stops at about 1/3 of a cup full, takes a sip. She dumps out the cup. She puts ice in the cup. She stops. Not enough ice, she adds more. Too much ice, she dumps some out. She then proceeds to fill the cup again to the top, just about to the point of fizzing over. Then she takes several sips of the new soda. Satisfied with the taste (and not realizing that myself and the growing line of people behind her are starting to plot her demise), she fills the cup, and takes a few more sips. Then she waits about 8 seconds for the fizz to die down, finally filling her cup to the top. As she turns to look at the now mob of people behind her, she gives a look of confusion as to why everyone appears to want to kill her. She most certainly deserves a lynch mob drenched-in-diet-coke beatdown.

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