Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Heading to lunch today, The Jeff and I get behind a pickup truck at an intersection. We're on a side street trying to get to a busier street. Pickup Truck Monkey (TM) is making a left, and we're making a right. This guy acts like an obese gorilla and drifts his truck over to the right-hand-side of the lane, taking up the spot we'd use to turn right (the road is definitely wide enough for one person to go left and another right). But, since the road is so busy, PTM sits there with his big ass going nowhere, blocking the lane, left signal light taunting me like a schoolyard bully. We could have gone 4,253 times before he finally stolled out into the road, but we had to wait and stare at this guy, all while in my mind I picture myself pulling him from the truck and Rodney Kinging his arse right there in the street.