Friday, September 01, 2006

Our school systems in America are run by idiots. Case in point the following: Boy has a lactose intolerance issue, so he needs to take a simple enzyme before eating dairy products. Through a little experimentation, we determined this summer that taking these prevents the post-meal issues we'd all like to avoid (and avoid discussing). So, new year of school starts next week, we list his "medical condition" and that he needs to take one of these chewables before lunch. No big deal. However, it's a HUGE deal to the school nurse. Nurse Dumbass refuses to allow him to "administer the medication" without a doctor's perscription. Ummm, we're the freakin' parents, and we say he needs an enzyme. Why the hell should we have to take him into the doctor to get a perscription for an over-the-counter enzyme? By us telling the school, that should be adequate enough..we shouldn't need a doctor to say Boy is taking vitamins at home, too? When we asked the doctor (a special trip into the clinic, thankyouverymuch Nurse Dumbass), even he said "They need a perscription for an enzyme?" I don't care what "liability" issues the school is trying to avoid here, but this general sanitization of the system pisses me off. As his parent, if I say he needs something, that should be it. Period. All these pansy-assed idiots who apparently need something like this to control and therefore feel good about their pathetic life choice deserve a repeated pummeling with all the unused shoes in my closet.