Thursday, September 28, 2006

Beatdown moron of the month: Senator Sam Brownback from Kansas. He's proposing that American video game ratings can't be given to the game until the ESRB (the ratings board that ranks videogame content in the U.S. of A) finishes the game. The logic is here (and Lord help us for assuming a politician is capable of logic when the "kids are at risk") that the ESRB should look at all content before making a call, because at level 99 Mario is probably going to get freaky in the back of a VW with the princess, a midget, a rubber ball, and six gallons of vegtable oil. Hey, um, let's just force every open ended game to be evaluated front to back before it goes to market. How clueless? I'm MONTHS into Resident Evil 4 and still can't finish it. This moron needs a serious Run-DMC battle in the face beatdown.