Monday, May 15, 2006

Yesterday boy and I took wifey out for Mother's Day midafternoon dinner. The restaurant was busy of course. So of course we had exceptionally bad service. After I watched a table of people get seated after us finish their meal before our food came, the waitress comes over and offers the following excuse:

Sorry your food is late. Your order went in behind a large group and it's taking a little long.
BZZZT! I REJECT this excuse. Hello, lets look around the room. Hmm...the place has a finite capacity. I don't seem to see an extra wing suddenly opened--the same potential number of people that would be handled any other day seem to be in the same number of chairs this place has any other day. It's a busy restaurant day--they knew this in advance. I think that excuse is utter poppywollup. There's some sort of neanderthalic cock-up in the kitchen, and making up an excuse is unacceptable. To the waitress, a Monty-Python boot to the head. To the cook in the back, apparently serving anyone and everyone else out of order, a Monty-Python boot to the head. And to the manager, a thank you for comp'ing my dinner since it took two hours to get in and out of there after I complained. Oh yes and a Monty-Python boot to the head.